Organic Butter Chicken Sauce

Organic Butter Chicken Sauce



Organic Butter Chicken Sauce is a creamy sauce with a blend of spices from the Punjab region of north India.

Authentically Indian!  Truly Indian brings to you a new range of organic sauces that are prepared from the finest organic ingredients and cooked to time-honored family recipes from India.   These delightfully aromatic organic sauce will help you prepare delicious Indian curries with natural flavors.

Enjoy the true taste of Indian cuisine at its very best!

PRODUCT: Organic Butter Chicken Sauce
QUANTITY: 369 g (13 oz)
BRAND: Truly Indian



*Tomatoes, *Onion, *Coconut Milk, Milk Cream, *Sunflower Oil, *Red Chili, *Sugar, *Garlic, *Ginger, Butter, Salt, *Cashewnuts, *Melon Seeds, *Spices, *Cumin, *Coriander, *Fenugreek, Citric Acid.

(Ingredients with * are certified Organic).


  1. May contain traces of Mustard and Sesame.
  2. Contains Milk.
  3. Contains Butter.
  4. Contains Cashewnuts.

Once considered the shining jewel in the British Empire’s crown, India can today be easily deemed as the huge, 60-carat diamond in the World’s flavored cuisine ring.

The large variety of dishes, appetizers, snacks, side dishes and desserts have found numerous fans on an international scale, as Indian restaurants spread at an incredible rate, with an enormous success in every possible culture and in every possible corner of the World. Combining all tastes possible, the Indian cuisine is bound to satisfy spice-lovers, “salty” people and persons with a sweet tooth alike (although the latter will feel right at home, since India is a “sweet” country).

Some say that the Indian cuisine is almost as diverse as the entire European cuisine, because of the four different main regional styles: the North Indian cuisine (the regions Benaras, Kashmir, Mughlai, Punjab and Rajasthan), the South Indian cuisine (regions Andhra, Kannada, Kerala and Tamil), East Indian cuisine (regions Assamese and Bengali) and Western Indian cuisine (regions Gujarat, Maharashtrian and Malwani). The northern part of India is mostly rural, although it contains large cities such as Delphi or Calcutta, thus its cuisine is more agricultural than anything, wheat being a primary constituent of this region’s dishes. Southern regions however tend to be more exotic, more spicy in their dishes and rice is a constant ingredient in their food. To give the taste of their main dishes, North Indians use onions and coriander whilst southerners use a more exotic coconut base for their dishes.

The Indian cuisine is closely related to the Indian history, each historical region developing a unique set of dishes, using diverse ingredients. However, a constant remains for all regions: the affinity for sweet desserts and spicy snacks. Besides being closely related to history, Indian cuisine is also strongly influenced by the Indian religion, Indian culture and traditions and the Indian people themselves.

If you can appreciate the facts behind the history of Indian food, the setting in which this great country’s cuisine was formed, the influences it took and the diversity it created, then you will surely appreciate one of their sweet desserts or one of their spicy snacks and appetizers. No other country has a wider selection of exotic dishes and no other country can offer such a large variety of impulses for your taste buds.


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