Number 8 General Trading LLC

General Trade Company that offer and supply and distribute highly Quality Products, Commodities Goods and Services to all types of merchandisers, Factories, Cooperation and Hypermarkets. The Company aims to supply customers with Quality products that meet the market demand with a competitive prices

Number8 have started up the its activities in 2014 with a whole sale distribution retail business, selling and supplying quality products Imported from verity of approved countries and licensed organizations, The Company Main Office is located Emaar Square –Sheikh Mohamed Boulevard , Tower 1-Dubai


Why To Choose Us


  • Effective Supply Chain in UAE & GCC market
  • Customer Care & Satisfactory are Priority
  • Establish Competitive Rates in the region
  • Expansion in the locally & Regionally with strong applicable presence
  • Competitiveness & Effective Services
  • Contribution to Dubai Economic Growth


  • Offer High Standards of Healthy & Quality products


  • Establishment of Number8 General Trading for General Trade Business in UAE Market
  • Increase the number of buyers and distributers
  • Establish and Supply Chain for High Quality Products , Goods, Commodities and Services with a Corporate and Competitive Rates in the UAE market
  • Expand in the local Market with strong presence
  • Distribute & Supply Organic and Healthy Food
  • Distribute & Supply Health & Safety Products and Tools